Master Angler

       In Virginia, an angler can qualify for "Master Angler" status by logging freshwater trophy fish, dubbed "citations", through the Virginia Angler Recognition Program. Once an angler has logged citations in 5 different species he/she then reaches "Master Angler" status. There are 25 citation eligible species and for every 5 different citations the recipient is upgraded in class(1-5) until he/she reaches Class 5 Master Angler. As of July 2015 there are only two living Class 4 Master Anglers and no class 5 Master Anglers in the state of Virginia, which is a testament to the difficulty and challenges that come along with researching, chasing, and eventually catching the largest specimens in each of the numerous species.

       Along with Master Angler accolades, Virginian anglers can also qualify for "Expert Angler" status by catching ten trophy size fish in a single species. Expert Angler can be achieved for all 25 trophy species in Virginia.

       This page categorizes our journey to become the first kayak fishermen to achieve Class 5 Master Angler status.

Richmond Times-Dispatch Article

Josh's Master Angler List

Grant's Master Angler List

Virginia Fish Species- Learn More

Trophy Species Size Chart
(For a fish to qualify as a "Trophy" it must meet or exceed these measurments)
Largemouth Basslbs.22"
Smallmouth Basslbs.20"
Rock Basslb.12"
White Basslbs. 8 oz.18"
Striped Bass20 lbs.37"
Hybrid Striped Bass**lbs.24"
White Perch1 lb, 4 oz.13"
Channel Catfish12 lbs.30"
Blue Catfish30 lbs.38"
Flathead Catfish25 lbs.40"
Rainbow Troutlbs.22"
Brook Troutlbs.16"
Brown Troutlbs.25"
Chain Pickerellbs.24"
Muskellunge15 lbs.40"
Northern Pikelbs.30"
Yellow Perchlb. 4 oz.12"
Gar10 lbs.40"
Bowfin10 lbs.30"
Carp20 lbs.34"
Freshwater Drumlbs.24"


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