Grant Alvis

     What’s up everyone, my name is Grant Alvis, I have also been known to answer to G-Money from a select few. I graduated from Lee Davis High School in 2011 and am currently studying Environmental Studies with a minor in Biology at VCU.  I work in the Fishing department as well as in the Fly Shop at Bass Pro Shops in Ashland Virginia. My job allows me to obtain knowledge about tactics for many different species, test new gear and meet dealers and pros in the industry.  Also, that discount allows me to spend way more money than I probably should! I started fishing as soon as I could walk, same way as most people, pond Bluegill and Bass.  By the time I was old enough to paddle; my dad and I could be found just about any day on the Upper James or Rappahannock River fishing for Smallmouth and Flathead Catfish.  I started Fly Fishing around the age of 10 and began to tie my own flies soon after, that is where I believe my fishing addiction truly started.  I have logged many different Virginia and North Carolina fresh and saltwater fish Citations, both on traditional gear and fly gear.  I have fished in many tournaments for many different species; Bass, Catfish, Trout, Redfish, Speckled Trout, Striper as well as many kayak tournaments.  Most recently I was able to win the Redfish division in the annual TKAA Heroes on The Water Charity Tournament. I was introduced to kayak fishing in 2008 and began filming my experiences in 2010 and just like that… a new addiction had started. My favorite species in fresh water to target and the one I would say I have the most knowledge is Smallmouth. In the Saltwater I have to say my favorite species is the Redfish. Both of these fish offer their own set of challenges in each of their environments and to me that’s what draws me to them, the challenge. One word to describe me would be, dedicated.  Wind, rain or snow, I’ve fished in all of it. Although I will admit I am not as crazy as Josh on a few occasions, but that has resulted in some gut busting laughs from my perspective, but Josh has had his fair share of laughs at me as well. My motto since I really became addicted to fishing has been “If it swims, I want to catch it”. Well that’s about it for me; I hope you enjoy this page and our videos!  If you enjoy, share with your friends and help us out! We greatly appreciate it and we look forward to the fishing and filming ahead. Also if you have any questions about anything on our videos or our site, Josh and I will be glad to answer them.  

Josh Dolin

     Hey everyone my name is Josh Dolin, but to some here locally I go by the Wolfman. Being that I live in such close proximity to the James River I've fished it nearly my entire life, although I've really hit it hardest since I graduated in 2010. The James has really helped me hone my multi-species experience along with my knowledge of flathead and gar fishing. I feel like this knowledge will aid me in capturing the flathead and gar Virginia state records sometime in the near future. I have been kayak fishing for 4 years and filming my trips for 3, getting better at it every trip out. Im currently chasing a personal goal to become the first Virginia kayak angler to reach class 5 master angler, which requires all 25 citation species of Virginia freshwater game fish. As far as my personality goes I'm generally a "fly by the seat of your pants" type of guy. It usually makes for pretty fun trips, yet it has come back to bite me on several occasions. As in 2012 when I got chased by a Norfolk and Southern freight train across a rail road trussel over the James and in 2013 where I came close to drowning in the Downtown James River rapids after a near deadly tactical error. Luckily the same quick thinking that got me into the situations also got me out of them unharmed. That being said I hope you all enjoy the page and the YouTube channel, we look forward to producing some pretty wicked videos moving forward!


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